Monday, November 9, 2020

Give the Gift of Confident Faith

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Christmas is just a month and a half away! Have you started your Christmas gift list? I'd like to make a gift recommendation today which will equip you to give the best gift you will ever give to the ones you love . . . a confident faith! The "Life on the Goldilocks Planet" curriculum/book series makes a terrific gift for your grandchildren/ children and for your grown children as well. This unique book series will engage the ones you love - of all ages - as they learn about interesting, unique, strange, and familiar animals. There are fun activities - science projects, crafts, recipes, games - to help everyone think about and remember how these animals show us God is real and why they are able to trust Him with confidence.

If you would like to get a peek at what this book is like, check this post where I shared about the Red-Lipped Batfish. So far there are four books in the series which are available, plus one book where all four are combined. These books are available on Amazon and through our Bookstore - if you buy the combined book through our bookstore, since we were able to reduce the price of the combined book, it is like buying two of the individual books and receiving two for free! But, it may take as long as three weeks to receive the books, so if you want to give these books for Christmas, you will need to place your order soon.

This series of books makes handing down confident faith something fun and easy for you to do - whether the children you love live near or far, or are not visiting due to covid. Just give the book as a gift and get the digital book for yourself. Then, arrange to connect through tech to work through the chapters together! 

Give the gift of confident faith - is there a gift you are able to give which matters more?

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