Sunday, May 30, 2021

Must Be at the Top of Our Most Important Things to Do List

Both the Barna and Gallup polls show us we are losing our next generations (at double the rate of any previous generation according to Barna). We must take action. We must make changes as to do nothing is not an option.

And yes, there are specific actions we are able to take starting with our churches. Our Children's Ministries MUST stop doing things as they "always" have done them. We know everyone learns more when they are actively involved in learning and teaching. We must use curriculum which is designed to engage children. When we do not, when we use lecture/teaching we teach one primary lesson - the Bible, God, and church are boring. We know the Bible and God are absolutely NOT boring, but sadly, in far too many cases church is boring. We must change this. While more and more publishers are adding active learning to what they write, Group Publishing does this the best. Check out their many curriculum options at this link and use them. This will start to make a difference in how we teach children what we believe.

Our churches also must make a difference when it comes to teaching children why we believe what we believe. They must teach apologetics so children know there are solid reasons they are able to believe what we believe. If they are not taught the whys they are more susceptible to being deceived and turning to atheism or agnosticism.  

In addition, our churches must educate, equip, engage, and encourage parents and grandparents so they are able to hand down confident faith. The church absolutely has a role, an important role when it comes to helping parents and grandparents teach both what we believe and why we believe it. It is past time for us to ask our churches to help - more and more parents and grandparents are experiencing the pain of having a child and/or grandchildren turn away from their faith. This does not have to happen. We are able to teach the ones we love both the whats and the whys - our churches must help us with this.

If we do nothing, the numbers Barna and Gallup report will only increase. If we do nothing the ones we love will continue to turn away from their faith. We must change directions. We must go on the "offensive". We must as churches and as parents and grandparents teach both what we believe and why we are able to believe what we believe. This should be at the top of our "most important things to do list".

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