Sunday, June 27, 2021

Jaguars, Lilac-Breasted Rollers, Nautiluses & More! is Now Available!

I am very happy today to let you know I have another new book in my Life on the Goldilocks Planet series which is now available - book ten - Jaguars, Lilac-Breasted Rollers, Nautiluses & More!

In this book children (and parents/grandparents) will learn about Jaguars, Satanic Leaf-Tailed Geckos, Fairy Penguins, Bison, Lilac-Breasted Rollers, Bilbies, Asian Tapirs, Sea Pens, Coatimundis, Jabirus, Sloth Bears, and Nautiluses as they learn fun facts, are able to see full-color photos of these animals, participate in fun activities, and learn what science has to tell us about God's amazing creation.

If the children you love are starting to say they are bored with summer - or even if they are not - this book is a great way to engage them in important conversations and activities which will help them to develop a confident faith. What could be a better thing for them to do this summer?

Please check this book out and the others in the series - they were written to help my grandsons develop confident faith and they will help the children you love do the same.

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