Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Keep the Masks in the Children's Ministry

As Covid restrictions are lifted in businesses across our country, churches are also lifting their restrictions. While this is understandable, is it the best thing for them to do? We all know many of the people who protested the loudest about wearing masks in the midst of the pandemic, sadly were Christians. These are also many of the people who refuse to get their covid vaccine, so are we really able to operate on a "honors system" and expect those who were against wearing a mask, and who refuse to get their shot to now tell the truth and continue to wear a mask because they have not gotten their shot? If we do, we are putting children at risk.

The unvaccinated are still at the same risk of contracting covid as they have been throughout this pandemic - and covid rates among the unvaccinated continues to run at the rates we experienced in this past January - which means the unvaccinated continue to get sick, continue to be hospitalized, and continue to die. We also know children do get covid, do end up in the hospital, and do die from covid.

So, unless the adults in your church are all behaving responsibly and are all getting their covid shot, how do you end your mask mandates and make your Children's Ministry safe?

Sadly covid has shown us how far too many Christians behave in a selfish, unloving, and entitled way. It has been so disappointing. These things need to be addressed from the pulpit and in the mean time, churches should stand up for the children and continue to require masks for all who enter the Children's Ministry area. How else do we protect the children?

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