Saturday, June 19, 2021

We are Number Two in FeedSpot's Top 40 Children's Ministry Blogs for 2021!

I am honored and happy to say, About the Children's Department is the Second most read Children's Ministry blog, according to FeedSpot's Top 40 Children's Ministry Blogs in 2021! (You will find their full results at this link.)

I have been writing About the Children's Department for 11 years, and have been serving in Children's Ministry for fifty years - doesn't seem possible, but it is (I began when I was ten as the teacher/developer of a mid-week ministry for four-year olds in my church.)

So, I guess today is as good as any day to announce the

upcoming release of my book - "No Cookie-Cutter Children's Ministries". It should be ready on Amazon the end of next week - stay tuned for the big announcement!

Children's Ministry matters. We are able to be effective when it comes to engaging children so they learn to love, know, and walk with Jesus! And we are able to equip and encourage parents and grandparents so they hand down confident faith. These ae the most important things we will do as leaders/volunteers in Children's Ministry. It is my hope and prayer, About the Children's Department is a source for help, information, encouragement, and ideas to help you do these things in your church.

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