Friday, July 23, 2021

Children's Ministry Matters & So Does Getting It "Right"

Children's Ministry matters. I believe everyone reading this blog agrees with this statement. Children's Ministry matters, so it matters for us to get it right. I believe you all agree with this statement as well.

So, how do we know if we are, "getting it right"? Consider the following questions . . . 

  • Do children want to be at your church's Children's Ministry? I don't mean just the children whose parents take them to church (these children do not have the option of staying home if they do not want to go to church.) I'm writing about the children whose grandparents bring them to church. These children only go to church IF they want to go. Their parents are not taking them to church, but these parents are allowing their parents - the children's grandparents - to take the children to church. Typically when this happens it is only IF the children want to go. So, do children who do not HAVE to be at church, want to go to your church's Children's Ministry?
  • Do you focus upon, and make a huge priority, helping ALL children connect with other children so they ALL have friends at church? Again, I'm writing primarily about children who go to church with their grandparents. These children are more apt to not have friends at church - typically because their parents are not friends with the parents of the other children, so do you focus upon, and make a huge priority, helping children whose parents do not go to your church make friends with the children whose parents do go to church?
  • Do you follow up with children when they are absent? Once again, while all children should receive a card if they miss a class, it is essential for children who attend church with their grandparents to receive this card. It tells them - and their parents - someone noticed they were missing - and actually missed them . . . and more importantly, would like to have them come back. So, do you follow up with children who miss church by sending them a card?
These are just three important things to consider when you think about if you are getting it right when it comes to your Children's Ministry, because we know Children's Ministry matters, and getting it right matters - especially when we think about those children who attend church with their grandparents. (Please keep in mind, the number of children who attend church with their grandparents is growing . . . do you know who these children are at your church?)

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