Thursday, July 15, 2021

Please Step Up

What is your church doing to protect children and encourage the people who attend your church to get their covid shot? With the delta variant, people are dying from covid - the numbers are up 60% - and these are people who didn't get their shot.

Children are now in hospitals - on life support - because the adults around them did not get their shots. What are you doing to protect the children in your church? Are you requiring masks in your Children's Ministry - for everyone? Are you asking people - from the pulpit - to get their shots? Are you countering lies with the truth - people will NOT be chipped if they get the shot, it will not make people sterile, it will not harm unborn/pregnant people (in fact, more pregnant moms are in the hospital with covid which puts them and their unborn child at risk.)

What are you doing to help keep the children - and adults - in your church safe from covid? When covid showed up a year and a half ago, we all prayed and asked God for help. We now have the vaccine - looks like answered prayer to me.

Please step up - protect children and ask adults to get their shots.

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