Monday, August 23, 2021

It Is The Right Time to Share Those Kind, Affirming, Encouraging Words

Please share this post with the parents and grandparents in your church.

Today is a big day for my family - after a year and a half of at home school for my youngest grandson, and a mix of at home and in class school for my two older grandsons, today they all return to in class school. Certainly, along with being a big day, it is also a day with some about of "concern" attached to it as well. Covid is still a concern, and Delta makes it more of a concern for the boys, and for those of us who love them. But, school is starting, everyone will be wearing masks, and along with the concern, there is also an excitement for life to move along so they are able to experience the new school year.

My husband and I were so blessed to be able to have the boys at our house for a sleepover Saturday night, so yesterday I shared with them what I am praying about for them as they start the new school year and a few reasons I believe they will have an excellent year. Their faces lit up as they listened to the "affirming words" I spoke to them.

Proverbs 12:25 tells us:

Worry is a heavy burden, but a kind word always brings cheer.

The last year and a half has brought worry, a heavy burden, to so many, but kind and affirming words do bring cheer and encouragement to those who hear them. And, take those words to heart for yourself as well.

If ever there was a time for us to speak these kind, affirming words, it is now. Take time today to share encouraging, kind, affirming words, in person or through tech, with the ones you love . . . it is certainly the right time to do so whether the ones you love have already returned to school, are currently returning to school, or have not yet returned to school. Make the 2021/22 school year one where you speak these kind and affirming words often, and consider keeping a journal of how God works in the lives of the ones you love as they return to school - it is certain to become a source of encouragement for you and the generations who follow. 

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