Monday, August 9, 2021

Protect the Children - Require Masks

As I write this I am watching an interview with the Chief Medical Doctor at the Children's Hospital of New Orleans. He says they are admitting children to their hospital, putting them on ventilators, and are seeing severe illness in these children. He said children have to be protected by the adults in their lives by having the adults get vaccinated and wear masks around them. 

If you do not want to see this happen in your community, then what are you doing to make your church a safe place for them? Do you require masks be worn in your Children's Ministry - by everyone? If not, WHY?

I emailed several churches in my community and am shocked and saddened to say not one of them is requiring masks be work in their Children's Ministry. WHY? Children are getting sick and are dying. 

How are we able to say we are committed to making our Children's Ministries as safe as possible if we refuse to require masks be worn by everyone in our Children's Ministries?

Covid - especially the Delta Variant - should not be a political issue - it is a health and safety issue. Churches need to set the example of showing love and caring for others. We need to show the watching world what it looks like to put our own "rights" aside to serve and protect others. When we do not require masks, at least in our Children's Ministries, we are not showing love and caring for others. 

Covid, sadly, is not in our "rear-view mirrors". It is expanding and spreading as the virus continues to mutate because people are not getting their vaccine when they are able to do so. Be a place which tells the truth. Call upon your members to get their shots and not spread mis-information. Until children are able to get their shot, require masks. How are you able to justify doing any less?

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