Monday, September 13, 2021

FREE Kindle Book & It is Not Too Late to Be Part of the Child Discipleship Forum

Why are children leaving the church after high school? What if the strategy to change this started in Children’s Ministry? If you have been reading my blog for long, you know these are questions which greatly concern me and questions I have been addressing for some time.

Today I want to invite you once again to take part in the Child Discipleship Forum, September 16th and 17th - just a few days away. The Child Discipleship Forum is for parents/grandparents, church leaders and is where they gather to collaborate, pray, learn, and dialogue about the most critical factors to shape long-term discipleship in children.

Great news! Even though the forum begins in just a few days, you are still able to register for virtual attendance - watch at home or in church! You will find all the details at this link.

And, I'm giving you advance notice, as one of the Sponsoring Partners, I, as About the Children's Department (my other blog), am making available the kindle copy of my new book - the little answer book for children - available for you to download for free September 16-20, 2021 at this link.

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