Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Make a Difference - Teach the "Whys"

I've been involved with Children's Ministry for fifty years - yes 50 years. Throughout this time many things have changed - we used to run Children's Ministry with the idea all we had to do was give the quarterlies to the teachers and take attendance. Eventually a large shift happened (thanks in large part to Group Publishing) where we moved to seeing Children's Ministry as far more than what it was and focused upon engaging children and involving them in the learning process. Today most churches teach with a large group - small group teaching model and this is a positive thing.

We want children to know what we believe, so we are more intentional when it comes to teaching children. But, we (in most cases) do nothing to help children know why they are able to believe what we believe. This leads to the "exodus from faith" we are seeing in churches across the country - and around the world as these children become teens and young adults. Barna's studies show us Gen Z is leaving their faith at double the rate of any previous generation - yes, double the rate.

If we want to stop this exodus, we must start teaching children the "whys" - why they are able to believe what we believe. So, today, before you do anything else, contact the publisher of your Children's curriculum and ask them to add an apologetics component to the curriculum. If churches start doing this, publishers will find a way to add it.

Until they do, start doing this yourself. Whether it is a weekly "why", monthly or quarterly "why", add it. Teach the children why they are able to believe - and involve the parents and grandparents in doing this as well.

We do not have to sit by and helplessly watch as the children, teens, and young adults we love leave their faith - we are able to give them a solid, confident faith by teaching the "whys".

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