Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Curriculum to Teach the "Whys"

For some time now I have been writing about how essential it is for the church to teach children the "whys" - and for them to equip the parents and grandparents to do the same. Traditionally the church has taught the "whats" - what the Bible says, which of course, is what we believe. The church - whether it is their Children's/Youth Ministries or from the pulpit - focuses upon the "whats" and does not teach the "whys" - why we are able to believe what we believe. I do believe this is one of the reasons we are seeing so many of our young people turn away from their faith and to atheism (as Barna's studies are showing.)

Don't get me wrong. I do believe it is essential for the church - and the parents and grandparents - to teach the "whats", as we absolutely want the ones we love to know what we believe. But it is equally essential for us all to teach the "whys" as well. IF they do not know why they are able to believe what we believe, far, far too many turn away from their faith - and one is far, far too many.

I am convinced we do not have to sit helplessly by and watch as the ones we love turn away from their faith - not at all. We are able to equip them to know both the "whats" and the "whys". Of course, if the publishers provided curriculum which taught the "whys", this would be significantly easier - but thus far, I have not found any curriculum which teaches the "whys", so today I am making an announcement . . . I am working on a "whys" curriculum - based on my, the little answer book for children and pulling from my, Life on the Goldilocks Planet series, - which any church will be able to use as a supplement to the curriculum you currently use! Stay tuned for more info as I complete this project!

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