Thursday, February 17, 2022

Connect - It Matters

As someone who serves in Children's Ministry, what is your main responsibility? Well, of course you have to choose curriculum/ resources to use in your ministry, recruit/support volunteers, pray, plan special events, etc. While all of these things matter, there is one thing which matters more - if you do not do this one thing, you absolutely will lose children . . . the very ones you are there to serve. What is this one thing?

Connect. Yes, connect with the children. While many, even most of the children in your ministry are there because their parents bring them - and they do not get to choose if they are there or not, growing numbers of children come to church only if their grandparents bring them. When this is the case, they are there not only because their grandparents bring them, but they are there IF they choose to be there. 

If you and your volunteers to do connect appropriately with the children (especially those who come with their grandparents), it will be easier for these children to choose not to go to church. While all children need the influence of people who believe, children who come to church with their grandparents are in great need of being able to connect with additional adults who believe the same things about God as do their grandparents.

So, commit to connect by noticing when children are at church - and when they are not. Send a card when children are not there, to let them know they are missed. Make time to get to know the children - and so they are able to get to know you as well. Connect. It matters.

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