Thursday, February 10, 2022

VBS 2022 - Regular Baptist Press - Kookaburra Coast

The second VBS I received for review this year is from Regular Baptist Press. With covid impacting Children's Ministries the past two years I did not write my yearly VBS reviews. But this year it is possible churches will be able to hold VBS once again, so I am writing VBS reviews for 2022. However; I am only reviewing five VBS resources - the five I believe to be the best. I already wrote about Orange's Make Waves (you will find at this link) so today I'm sharing with you Kookaburra Coast from Regular Baptist Press where they will learn about God's glory.

Scope and Sequence -
  1. On Fire: God's Eternal Glory - Exodus 3:1—4:17 (The Burning Bush) - TOPIC Confidence in God - THEME God's eternal glory gives us confidence in Him during life's adventures. - God is worthy. Be confident in Him!

  2. From Captivity: God's Gracious Glory - BIBLE TEXT Exodus 7:1—12:51 (Deliverance from Egypt) - TOPIC Rescued by God - THEME God's gracious glory rescues and delivers us. - God is worthy. Let Him rescue you!

  3. Through the Deep: God's Mighty Glory - Exodus 13:17-14:31 (Red Sea Crossing) - Topic - Help from God - Theme - God's mighty glory leads us through life's adventures. God is worthy. Trust Him all the time!
  4. On the Mountain: God's Awesome Glory - BIBLE TEXT Exodus 19:1—20:20 (Mount Sinai) - TOPIC Commitment to God's Word - THEME God's awesome glory encourages us to respect and learn His Word. - God is worthy. Obey His Word!

  5. In Person: God's Living Glory in Jesus Christ - Exodus 13:21, 22; Nehemiah 9:12, 19; various Scriptures about Jesus - Topic - God's glory in us through Christ Jesus - theme - God's gory shines through us as we trust in Jesus and learn to be like Him - God is worthy - show His glory!
Setting - Australian Outback.
Theme - 
God is glorious and worthy of our praise.

Strong Points -
  1. Solid Bible Lessons - strong salvation emphasis in each lesson and reminder for children who know Jesus to encourage them to choose to glorify God.
  2. I love the science options to engage children!
  3. I'm very happy to see activity which involves children incorporated into the teaching of each day's Bible lesson.
  4. Excellent information on involving children with special needs in your VBS
  5. Excellent info on decorating - RBP will help you transform your church into the outback.
  6. I like the "Apply it Now" activities each day to help children live what they are learning. 
  7. Complete director's information - RBP does an excellent job covering the important topics of screening volunteers and being sure your VBS is safe - inside and out.
  8. I'm glad to see information to help you determine the goal for your VBS
  9. Excellent information on how to lead a child to Christ and a complete training session for volunteers
  10. Great puppet!
  11. Mission project - Operation Oasis - helping people in crisis.
Would Like to See -
  1. I'd like to see more activity and excitement in the opening and close - maybe use science project options in the opening or close to get attention and make it memorable.
  2. In place of paper crafts, I'd rather see children work on science projects or something to help them thank volunteers or serve their communities.
RBP says - "Kookaburra Coast is an epic Australian adventure where kids discover unique destinations and exotic animals, complete with jeep excursions, kangaroos in the outback, and the Great Barrier Reef. God’s glorious handiwork in Australia will lead to students seeing His life-changing glory through adventures with Moses. Like Moses, they will never be the same!"

I appreciate the commitment to God's Word that is shown in every part of this VBS! If your primary goal for your VBS is evangelism, be sure to take a serious look at "Kookaburra Coast". Extremely well done, Regular Baptist Press - thank-you for sending it for my review.

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