Friday, April 1, 2022

Another Free Scripture Blessing Print for You

I am very happy to share with you today another Scripture Prayer/Blessing from my other blog (Grandmas with Heart) which you are able to share with the parents and grandparents in your ministry so they are able to download, print and share with the children they love. At all times, but especially during these times in which we live, it is the perfect time for us to help them draw closer to God. It is important for us to equip them so they are able to teach the ones they love to talk with God as it is a great way to help them learn to turn to, trust, and walk with God. I especially love this prayer/blessing from Psalm 86 -

Dear God, thank You for Your tender and kind love for us. Please strengthen us and let us see the ways You make a show of how much You love us! Thank You, Amen! 
Share this with the families in your ministry. They are able to download it for free from this link, then print and hang one in their home where they are easily able to see it and remember to pray this prayer/blessing for the ones they love. Encourage grandparents to print and mail them to their children and grandchildren, so they are able to have their own copies as well.

While there are things in the news which are frightening and may leave them feeling lonely, they are able to draw nearer to God and help the ones they love do the same. This Scripture prayer/blessing print is one simple way to do exactly this.

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