Friday, April 8, 2022

Don't Forget to Keep the Volunteers You Have!

The past few days I have been talking about recruiting volunteers, but when you think about your volunteer needs, don't forget to focus on keeping the volunteers you already have! You don't want your Children's Ministry to be a "revolving door" where people volunteer and as soon as their commitment is over, they are "gone". If we are not keeping the volunteers we have, then we need to take a look at what we are doing to discover why this is happening and make some serious changes. 

  • Do our volunteers feel prepared to serve, or do they feel like once they say "yes" to serving, they are left on their own to "figure it out"?
  • Do our volunteers have the supplies and resources they need or are they left to find and buy the things they need for their class? If they have to buy supplies and can not afford to do so, then they will not be able to serve.
  • Do our volunteers feel like there is enough staff to serve with them - do you pay attention to the child/adult ratios and are you sure no volunteer is left in a room by themselves?
  • Do volunteers feel like they are equipped with training so they know how to serve or are they once again left on their own to "figure it out"?
  • Do volunteers feel like anyone notices if they are there or not; do they feel supported and encouraged?
These are just a few potential things to look at if you are not retaining the volunteers you already have. If you are not, then you have to find out what is happening to keep your volunteers from serving long-term. 

Long-term volunteers bring a sense of stability and strength to your Children's Ministry so, what can you do to help keep your volunteers? Consider the following . . . 
  • Be intentional about training and equipping all your volunteers. Make training a regular part of your ministry year so you not only train your volunteers how to get the most out of the curriculum you use, but you also provide opportunities for your volunteers to get together and build their relationships.
  • Make sure you know your volunteers - find out their birthdays and anniversaries - send cards on these days and always take a moment to say "hello" when you see them.
  • Be sure you know what is happening with your volunteers - are they ill? Do they have something difficult happening in/or with their family? Be sure they know you want to serve them - to do this you have to know what is happening with them.
  • Take the time to surprise them once in awhile - just to brighten their day!
  • Be available to listen to their concerns, needs, and joys in serving.
  • Answer their questions - promptly!
These are just a few of the ways you can support and encourage your volunteers; there are many more, but for now just know . . . when you take the time to support and encourage your volunteers, you will be much more likely to keep your volunteers year after year. While you may think you do not have time for volunteer support and encouragement, the truth is, you do not have time to NOT support and encourage them! 

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