Monday, April 11, 2022

What Are You Afraid Of?

When it comes to recruiting volunteers, what are you afraid of?  Yes, I said, "afraid". So often people in Children's Ministry seem to almost "hate" recruiting or at least strongly dread and dislike it. Which leads me to my question; what are you afraid of? Are you afraid people will say, "no" when you ask them to serve? Are you afraid you will feel "awkward" if people say "no"? Are you afraid you won't have the volunteers you need and then worry about how to "cover" the "bases"? What are you afraid of?

I have been writing about recruiting, but please keep in mind, all the recruiting plans, tips and ideas won't be what you need if you fear recruiting. Why do I say this? Because if you are afraid of any of the things I mentioned or other things related to recruiting, it will show. People will get the "feeling" you are afraid to ask them to serve and they will think there must be a reason for it. If you recruit from a "negative" place, people will sense it and won't respond.

So, instead, remember something essential . . . God cares more than anyone - even you - if you have the volunteers you need for your Children's Ministry. God loves the children and families in your ministry more than anyone and He wants them to know and walk with Him! God has given the people in your church the gifts they need so your church - the body - has everything and everyone they need to do everything which needs to be done.

Plus, don't forget the joy! When people serve they receive the amazing gift of joy from God and this is something to be excited about! So, don't be afraid! Be excited! You are sharing an opportunity with people to serve using the gifts God has given them and they will receive joy! This is terrific news - news to be excited about, so approach your recruiting with an attitude of excitement and watch as people respond to the positive "tone" of your recruiting!

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