Tuesday, May 10, 2022

A Few More Thoughts About Recruiting . . .

I have been writing about recruiting - if you are leading a Children's Ministry at your church you certainly need help, and therefore must spend time recruiting. But, the amount of time you spend recruiting depends on a few things . . .

  • If you think you are only able to get people to serve one Sunday a month, you will always have to keep recruiting. When people only serve one Sunday a month, they do not build relationships with the children - they are just providing child care - not serving in a Children's Ministry.
  • If you do not support your volunteers with quality curriculum, the resources they need to lead children in the activities, and training to equip them, then you will not keep volunteers and will have to spend a lot of time recruiting.
  • If you do not encourage your volunteers by showing them how greatly you value them - with your words and your actions. When your volunteers know you care about and appreciate them, they will find it easier to commit to serve.
Treat serving in your Children's Ministry as something fantastic - make it "THE" place to serve, have a lot of fun, build relationships with the volunteers and with the children and you will find recruiting becomes something which takes less of your time because the volunteers you have, stay. When this happens your Children's Ministry will become significantly stronger!

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