Tuesday, July 5, 2022

How Does Anchored Work?

There are four main areas we need to cover when teaching the “whys” –

1.    is God real?

2.    is the Bible true?

3.    do God and science go together?

4.    is God good?

Each quarter we will focus on one area with weekly teaching, questions, and activities. Since this is a supplemental curriculum, you will use this with the curriculum you are already using in the following way –

1.    During large group time, you will introduce the “why” question for the quarter, share an answer for the week, and briefly review the “why” answer from the previous week (this is a perfect time to share a video or photo of one of your families from the previous week.) This will take approximately three to five minutes – you are easily able to add this vital teaching by singing one less song each week.

2.    During small group time, each week there is a short activity for teachers to use with the children in their group – this will also take approximately three to five minutes.

3.    Each week you will email parents/grandparents the “why” question for the quarter, the answer for the week, talking points, along with a fun and engaging activity for them to use at home during the week with the children they love.

4.    Encourage families to film themselves as they work on their activity – or take photos, which they are able to share to your Children’s Ministry social media page.

5.    One Sunday a month you will find an animal from the Life on the Goldilocks Planet series of books/curriculum (https://lifeonthegoldilocksplanet.blogspot.com/) God put His “fingerprints” on the world around us which help us see Him and draw us to Him. By learning about these incredible animals, children will be able to see God is real and learn to trust Him with confidence.

6.    Each quarter you will find a recommended book list for parents/grandparents to help equip them to answer the questions the children they love may have.

Teaching children in your ministry the “whats” matters. It is important, essential, and necessary, but so is teaching the children the “whys”. Anchored curriculum for children will help you – and the parents and grandparents in your church – equip the children you all love so they are able to have a confident faith!

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