Monday, July 4, 2022

Make Your Summer Count - Get the little answer book & the little answer book for children

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The summer is a time when we typically are able to spend time with the ones we love and build memories as we do things we may not typically do throughout the year - such as have the grandchildren over for extra sleepovers, go on family vacations, try new things, bike, camp, swim, gather to celebrate special times, go on picnics, etc. All of these things are excellent things to do in the summer and help build strong ties with our family. They are able to help make a difference as you build strong relationships with your family.

The summer is also a perfect time to connect and talk about things which really matter - like why we are able to believe God is real, the Bible is true, God and science DO go together, and God is good. Building a strong and confident faith which we are able to hand to the ones we love is not something which just happens on its own - we have to invest time and be intentional in what we say and do - the little answer book and the little answer book for children are designed to help you do exactly this!

The truth matters and we need to know the truth. This does not mean we have to be theologians, scientists, philosophers, or apologists, but we do need to find answers. We do need to know the “whys”, so we are able to teach them as part of a firm foundation we set for the ones we love, and so we are able to answer their questions if they have already turned from their faith. This is the purpose for these books – to help you find answers, so you are equipped to hand down confident faith as you teach the “whys” and to help you answer important questions. the little answer book for children has activities and questions which will engage children as they learn the "whys" for the questions - is God real? what about science & God? if God is real, is He good?, and is the Bible true? As they think through questions, journal their answers, and participate in science projects and other activities, they will learn "why" they are able to have a confident faith!

What could possibly be a better way to spend your summer than handing down a confident faith to the ones you love! You will find the books at this link and on Amazon.

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