Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Imagine the Difference & Impact Grandparenting Ministry Would Make on Your Children's Ministry!

If you knew there may be a group of people in your church who were not truly being engaged; what would you do? If you knew it was possible these people were not really being equipped and encouraged to disciple children, who in many cases were part of your Children’s Ministry; what would you do? If you knew it was possible if this group of people were engaged and equipped, they very well might become some of the strongest supporters of your Children’s Ministry; what would you do?

Who are the people in this group, you ask? The answer is; grandparents. Now before you tell me your church has a ministry to and for grandparents, let me ask you if this “ministry” is more than Bible study classes, get-together, luncheons and hymn sings, because there is a significant difference between a “Senior Saints” Ministry and a Grandparenting Ministry. A Senior Saints Ministry primarily functions for those who are retired (over the age of 65) and is mostly focused on fellowship – both excellent things for a church to do, but not a Grandparenting Ministry, which focuses upon those who are grandparents (the average age for a person to become a grandparent for the first time is 47 . . . yes, 47!) and strives to engage, equip and encourage them to pass on a heritage of confident faith to their grandchildren. Do you see the difference? Does your church truly have a Grandparenting Ministry?

Most churches have ministry to young parents, parents of elementary age children, parents of teens, and even possibly parents of college-age children, but once they become grandparents, there tends to be nothing for them until they are old enough to retire – almost for 20 years; and then it is often focused upon fellowship, not passing on a heritage of confident faith to their grandchildren.

I remember about thirty years ago when there really was not a “Children’s Ministry”; most churches had a Director of Christian Education who oversaw Christian Ed for everyone in the church. This person ordered quarterlies, handed them to the teachers, and this was pretty much all there was to Children’s Ministry. But, then it all began to change as people in the church began to understand how important it was to reach children – most people make the decision to follow God before the age of 13 – and publishers began to provide resources to equip churches to truly develop effective Children’s Ministries which were focused upon reaching children and helping them begin a walk of their own with Jesus.

Today, churches would not even think of not having an effective Children’s Ministry – and it is often one of the areas of the church which has the most space and the largest portion of the budget.

Grandparenting Ministry today is where Children’s Ministry was thirty years ago. Churches are just beginning to understand the need for effective Grandparenting Ministry; ministry which engages grandparents – gets them off their “rocking chairs” and away from the golf courses – and equips them to be able to pass on their faith to their grandchildren. Grandparents are second only to parents in the ability to influence their grandchildren; they need to understand this and be challenged to get about the work of passing on a heritage of confident faith – there is nothing more important for them to do.

And, when the grandparents in your church are engaged and equipped to pass on a heritage of faith to their grandchildren, your Children’s Ministry will benefit! The children in your ministry will have the influence of godly grandparents impacting their lives! They will grow in their walk with Jesus! The grandparents will care very much about what happens in the Children’s Ministry. They will become some of your strongest prayer warriors. Many of them will get involved as volunteers. They will bring a wisdom, experience, and passion to your ministry which will not come from anywhere else. Yes, your Children’s Ministry will benefit greatly from having engaged and equipped grandparents in your church!

So, how do you engage and equip the grandparents in your church? How do you begin a truly effective Grandparenting Ministry? One great way to begin is to connect me. Yes, I am very involved in helping grandparents hand down confident faith - just contact me and I will help point you in the right direction.

Just imagine the difference a true Grandparenting Ministry would make in your church and Children’s Ministry!

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