Friday, August 26, 2022

One Reason Why You Should be a Strong Supporter of Grandparenting Ministry

There are many reasons why pastors and church leaders should be strong supporters of  Grandparenting Ministry, but let's just look at one reason today. This reason is because 60% of grandparents in the USA are baby boomers and the average age people become a first-time grandparent is age 48 (according to

This means you have the potential for a large portion of the adults in your church to be grandparents - and specifically, young grandparents. These younger grandparents do not consider themselves to be "Senior Saints" and most of them have probably not retired yet. They are working adults, often with "empty nests" and they tend to have income and energy. Do you know who these grandparents are? What are you doing to support and encourage them?

A strong Grandparenting Ministry will help you identify grandparents who are younger, working grandparents, and give you a way to come alongside them as they focus on passing on confident faith to their grandchildren.

Of course a strong Grandparenting Ministry will help you do this for all of the grandparents in your church - and this in itself is reason enough to be a strong supporter of Grandparenting Ministry in your church!

What are you doing - or will you do - to support the grandparents in your church who are young, working grandparents?

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