Monday, September 5, 2022

Chasing Whales - Free Tomorrow Only!

While there are many, many books on the market from which to choose to read, I am absolutely able to tell you this author is one who lives what he writes. Michael Chanley has a sincere heart for others and truly has a servant's heart. (I spoke at one of his Children's Ministry conferences a few years ago. When I arrived it was pouring rain - by the bucketful's. Michael met me at our car with an umbrella so I would not be soaked - he got soaked by the rain instead. He did not have to do this. Just one example of many of how this author lives what he writes.)

So, if you get any book to read this year (in addition to one of my books ;-) ) be sure to make it Chasing Whales - and tomorrow only you are able to get the ebook for free!

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