Monday, October 10, 2022

Today, October 10, 2022 is the Last Day to get Generations Quest - Cultivate the Faith for Just .99 Cents!

If you did not yet get your Kindle copy of  Generations Quest - Cultivate the Faith today is the day to do so as it is the last day you are able to get it for just .99 cents! So, besides being able to get the Kindle copy for just .99 cents, why should you get this resource? Consider the following . . . 

  • With Generations Quest - Cultivate the Faith you will find science projects, crafts, cooking projects, games, and most importantly, you will be able to help your grandchildren (children) learn how to pray the Psalms and learn about Bible people who made the choice to know, love, and walk with God!
  • Plus, you will be able to help the children you love learn some of the "whys" - why we are able to believe God is real, the Bible is true, God and science DO go together, and God is good.
  • This curriculum is written for use by grandparents and parents so it is easy to use.
  • It is flexible - you could use everything in each week's lesson, spread it out over several days or just use parts - whatever works the best for you. 
  • It will be fun, it will be engaging and it will help you - whether you are a grandparent or parent - as you focus on passing on a heritage of confident faith!
  • And yes, you will receive the entire 52 weeks in the Kindle copy for just .99 cents. 
So, please get your Kindle copy of Generations Quest - Cultivate the Faith today - for just .99 cents! Then use it with the children you love and make a difference as you build memories and hand down confident faith!

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