Thursday, November 17, 2022

Blue Dragons, Red Pandas, Hoopoes & More! for Only $5.43

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Today is a great day to get your copy of Blue Dragons, Red Pandas, Hoopoes & More! while it is still on sale for only $5.43! If you are looking for a Christmas gift for the children you love which will engage them in fun science projects, crafts, recipes, games, discovering animals - many of which you have never heard of before, and most importantly, learning why they are able to believe God is real and God and science go together - then definitely get Blue Dragons, Red Pandas, Hoopoes & More! for the children you love ages four through fourteen as it is still available as a paperback book for just $5.43! Amazon lowered the price for a special sale, but were not able to tell me how long the sale will last - so be sure to order your book today - and save $8.16!

Blue Dragons, Red Pandas, Hoopoes & More! is a tremendous choice as a gift for all the children and young people on your gift list - especially if you combine it with some of the supplies needed to make all the fun projects in this book - because with the quotes from scientists and Bible verses you will find you are able to have important conversations with them which will help them develop a confident faith! What could possibly be a better gift? Get your copy today! Please share this post with the parents and grandparents you know - a great gift at a great price!

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