Friday, December 16, 2022

Children's Ministry Around the World - Belize!

This week I'm taking a look at children's ministry around the world . . . join me today on our "journey" as we learn about an amazing ministry in Belize!

David & Karen Rhodes are founders of Kidz Konnect 4 Jesus - they have a passion to reach the children of Belize for Jesus! The Rhodes believe they truly can be used by God to share the Good News of Jesus with the entire country of Belize - 51% of the country are children so their focus is on reaching the children of Belize! 

I asked Karen a few questions about their ministry and she was gracious enough to answer them for me - I asked her what a "typical" children's Sunday school and children's church service looks like in Belize and she told me they begin each Sunday with a large group and then transition into small groups. Karen said, "We are very intentional in developing relationships with each child. We are unique in that we are also in schools. Small group is part of each day's curriculum." I asked Karen what curriculum they use and she said they use the reThink curriculum. I then asked her how many volunteers work with the children in their ministry and she said "it varies from village to village - a church team can have as many as three or four volunteers in a church to a school with as many as 12 or more volunteers."

I also asked Karen if they do any special events throughout the year and she said, "We do ongoing special events throughout the year such as Belize Blast, Bible Blast, Camps, Family Impact Journeys, etc. Because of the poverty level and lack of nutrition we have begun medical care for kids and are implementing a co-op gardening facet of the ministry."
I'm a huge fan of "Putting Feet to Their Faith" and equipping children to live what they learn by serving others, so I asked Karen if they involve the children of Belize in service projects. I was delighted to read her answer! She said, "Yes . . . the children make cards for the elderly, community care and tutoring one another. The Belizean culture instills service."

I wanted to know what the children enjoy most about church and asked Karen what their favorite thing was. She said, "the children love to interact with people who love and care about them . . . playing and being allowed to be children free from the daily struggles of life." I asked Karen if they could do anything with their kids, what would it be? Karen said, "To continue to minister to them and share life as they grow and mature in years and faith!" Belize has freedom of religion and their government is supportive of religious teaching in the schools. Since most of the churches are small and poor, their pastors tend to be bi-vocational and most church cultures are single moms and children.

Finally, I asked Karen why she and Dave serve in children's ministry and what they like best about it and she said, "I am being obedient to God's call on my life . . . God has purposed me to be a voice for these kids, to share the gospel and love, love, love! I love children's ministry because of the wonder, awe and honesty kids have for the Lord and His creation and the privilege of having impact in the lives of so many possibilities!"

You can join with the Rhodes by praying for the children and families of Belize! Please pray - 
  • for the small group ministry and the relationships the Rhodes and their volunteers build with the children in their ministry
  • the nutritional and medical ministry the Rhodes have to the people of Belize
  • for the children as they "put feet to their faith" and learn to live what they learn by serving others
  • the national pastors as they work and serve
  • the single moms and children of Belize
Thank you Karen for sharing your ministry and your heart for the children of Belize! 

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