Freebies are "gifts" and who doesn't enjoy receiving a gift now and then?!!! :^) So, beginning in May, the first Friday of the month will be my "First Friday Freebie!" and I'll post a free lesson, event, resource . . . who knows what it will be, but it will be fun and it will be free! In addition, from time to time I'll post a "freebie" - just for the fun of it . . . and keep watching because I have plans for an entire month of freebies!

I hope you'll find these "freebies" useful . . . and fun!
  1. Free "Snowy" Lesson for Children
  2. Free Missions Resource for Children's Ministry 
  3. Free Resurrection Sunday Lesson 
  4. Free Worship Session for Children
  5. Free Resurrection Sunday Bible Journey Family Outreach Event 
  6. "Finest Hour" Recruiting Month Theme 
  7. "For Such a Time as This" Recruiting Month Theme 
  8. "LifeSong" Recruiting Month Theme 
  9. "Glorious Day" Recruiting Month Theme    
  10. "Meant to Be" Recruiting Theme 
  11. Free Family Resource From D6 - Splink!
  12. First Friday Freebies - My Bible Journey - Trusting God Journey Family Event! 
  13. Bonus First Friday Freebie . . . Music from Robert Pierre!
  14. FREE VBS Game from Big Bible Town for the Children in Your VBS!
  15. First Friday Freebies - Joy to the World the Lord is Come! Christmas Program!  
  16. Free Music From Robert Pierre . . . Don't Forget to Check This Out!
  17. First Friday Freebies - Free SmileBook Photo Book! 
  18. First Friday Freebies - Free On-line Cards!
  19. First Friday Freebies - Guildcraft Friday Freebies! 
  20. First Friday Freebies - Free Illustrated Bible!
  21. First Friday Freebies - Free Christmas Lesson!
  22. First Friday Freebies . . . On a Monday . . .Qpon Monkey! 
  23. Free For You . . . One Illustrate My Own Bible Heroes Book!
  24. Two FREE Curriculum Resources for You . . . 
  25. Voice of the Martyrs - Kids of Courage