Thursday, March 22, 2018

Grandparenting Ministry = Remember, See and Tell about God's Faithfulness!

When we talk about Grandparenting Ministry - ministry which encourages, engages and equips grandparents to pass on a heritage of faith to their grandchildren - there are a few verses we refer to most often. One of them is Deuteronomy 4:9 . . . "You must be very careful not to forget the things you have seen God do for you. Keep reminding yourselves, and tell your children and grandchildren as well."

From this verse we see three important things God calls upon grandparents to do - and this is the core of Grandparenting Ministry for churches.

Monday, March 19, 2018

If We Build It They Will Come

I saw an interesting - rather amazing - photo on facebook  . . . 

(This is the turnoff from Banff to the Trans-Canada Highway. Many stretches of this highway run through wilderness areas and they found vehicle/animal collisions increased, so they built "animal crossings" - fences with one-way gates, overpasses and underpasses so animals would have a safe way to cross where their animal trails already were. This photo actually shows a bridge for the Canadian Pacific railway, but the elk found it provided a safe way for them to cross as well - as long as a train isn't headed for them!)

 This photo made me think . . . 

Thursday, March 15, 2018

The Question Nobody Asks About Our Children

The Question Nobody Asks About Our Children - Larry Fowler
A few years ago a book came out which completely changed how I looked at Children's Ministry, so today I'm sharing this book with you again - it is written by Larry Fowler - The Question Nobody Asks About Our Children.

This book may be small, but it will ask you questions you will think about for years. It will challenge you to take a strong and close look at what you are doing, how you are doing it and what you need to do differently if you are serious about keeping children from growing up and away from their faith.

The Question Nobody Asks About Our Children is published by AWANA and they say it; "Reveals an alarming blind spot in Children's Ministry, explains how this blind spot contributes to the epidemic of disconnected youth, then presents real-world ways churches are combating this problem."

Monday, March 12, 2018

Do You Know How History, Community & Culture Impact Your Children's Ministry?

Too often we tend to think Children's Ministry is just comprised of churches and children, which, technically, it is; but our churches . . . and our children . . . are not identical.  Our communities are different.  Our people are different.  Our histories are different.  Our cultures are different.What works in one church, may or may not work in another.  And, while there are components which are essential for every Children’s Ministry to be effective, there is no “secret recipe” where if you are certain to include each ingredient, you will be guaranteed an effective Children’s Ministry.  

Friday, March 9, 2018

Do Churches Still Have "Mean Girls" Who "Rule" in Children's Ministry?

Yesterday I asked if Children's Ministry is sexist because, sadly, there are times when women are labeled as, "bossy" or "pushy" as they use the gifts God gave them, but a man who did the exact same things would be labeled as, "a strong leader" or as "someone who knows what he is talking about". Please know, I have had the joy to serve in several churches where I was truly valued and not treated in a sexist way, but sadly, there have been times when I experienced this in churches. Clearly not all churches are, "sexist", but there are some where women who serve are treated badly.

I'm not upset or trying to be negative about Children's Ministry, but if we do not identify and acknowledge things which need to be changed, they will not be changed. And, definitely any church which treats women in a sexist way, needs to make changes.

I said I'd share ways this "sexism" might show up, so today I'd like us to think about if we experience this poor behavior the most from an, "unexpected" source; other women. I think in most cases the "mean girl" mind-set from junior high and high school is something most women grow out of and come to see as behavior not to be embraced; but there are some who continue this behavior and who gossip well into their adult lives. So, what might this look like in a church? Consider the following questions -

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Are Churches Sexist in their Children's Ministries?

Today and tomorrow I'm going to write about something which may be controversial; I sincerely hope you will comment as I would like to hear what you think and what your experience has been.

Children's Ministry is a place where women are sometimes discriminated against and treated badly. Yes, there are churches where they treat women in Children's Ministry very well; I have had the joy to serve in several such churches, but it is also a place where women are not treated well. Please allow me to give an example of what I'm talking about . . . 

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

You Are Busy, But . . .

I do not know a single person in Children's Ministry who is not busy. There is so much to do when you work and serve in the Children's Ministry. You have to pray, study God's Word, choose curriculum, plan your year with regular and special events, pay close attention to security and safety issues, more and more there is time spent counseling children and families - or referring them to people who are able to do this, training volunteers and the often-times seemingly unending recruiting of those volunteers. As I said, I do not know a single person in Children's Ministry who is not busy.

And, on top of all these things you often try to find ways to engage parents, train parents and equip them to hand down the faith to their children. 

Thursday, March 1, 2018

2018 CM Conference North America - Register Today!

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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Studies Prove it - Grandparents Have Much to Offer!

Grandparents have much to offer the children and families in your ministry. They give unconditional love. They help children have a right view of themselves, because the way a grandparent sees a grandchild is often the way the grandchild will see themselves. They are in the unique position of being able to hand down a legacy of faith and connecting the past - and how God was faithful - with the present. At least, grandparents have the great potential to offer these things to the children and families in your ministry!

Friday, February 23, 2018

Help Equip Parents & Grandparents to Trust & Tell

How has God sustained you throughout your life? How has He answered your prayers? How has He showed His love to you? 

How would the parents and grandparents in your ministry answer these same questions? In the Old Testament we see over and over where God saved and sustained His people, but then they didn't remember to tell future generations what God did. These generations forgot God and fell into sin. Eventually they called out to God for help, returned and followed Him, but then forget to tell their children and grandchildren and the cycle started all over again.