Thursday, March 21, 2024

Color Volcano . . . Bible Point - When We Make the Choice to Obey, Amazing Things Can Happen!

For those of you who may not remember because you are young, Sunday school used to be like regular school - children sat in chairs and listened to someone tell them a Bible lesson, then they worked in their workbook to answer questions about the lesson. Then Group Publishing showed up and everything changed. Learning by engaging children slowly took over - at least for many churches. Learning by engaging children is what we all should be doing because it works. When we engage children we get their attention, they are then able to remember what the Bible says, and are able to understand it for a changed life. Engaging children matters, so today I'm sharing an idea for doing exactly this.

At some point, depending on the scope and sequence in your curriculum, the Bible lesson for the children in your ministry will be about how the people of Israel did not choose to obey God. They wanted a king like the other countries around them. You will talk about how we might think we want things others around us have, too, but the most amazing thing we can ever have is the opportunity to really know God! When we choose to obey God and know Him, truly amazing things can happen! (Of course there are other Bible lessons where you are able to make the same point, so feel free to use this object lesson with whatever Bible lesson you choose.)

To help the children in your ministry remember and understand this, try a really fun and amazing science project! Give each of the a turn in putting just one drop of food color in a small container . . . each drop in it's own space. Then, cover all the drops with baking soda - they will be confused as to why you then cover up their food coloring drops! The next step will bring a lot of "oohs" and "ahhhs" as each child has a turn to squirt some vinegar into the container . . . which results in lots of foaming bubbles! When the vinegar works its way through the baking soda, the children will be surprised - and delighted - with bursts of colorful foaming bubbles! Most importantly, they will pay attention and end up remembering the point.

It is great fun and makes the point, when we choose to obey and know God, amazing things will happen!

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