Thursday, March 30, 2023

Deeper In for Children is a Great Fit for Your Church Because . . .

Why is Deeper In for Children an excellent choice for your Children's Ministry? There are several reasons why, but one is certainly because of its focus on helping children truly understand the message of God's Word. Most curriculum resources tend to take children on a survey through the Bible with a focus upon Bible people, what they said, and what they did. Deeper In for Children takes a different approach. While children will have the opportunity to "meet" Bible people, the focus is on a topic for an entire year and guides children in learning what the entire Bible has to say about the topic for the year.

Monday, March 27, 2023

Go Deeper in Your Children's Ministry with Deeper In for Children Curriculum

Teaching children about the Bible so they know who God is and how they are able to know Him is one of the most important things we will ever do, and is why most churches invest in Sunday School curriculum. While there are many excellent curriculum resources on the market, we are watching as more and more children turn away from their faith and even to atheism as they grow older. It does not have to be this way.

Sunday, March 26, 2023

How does Using Deeper In for Children Make a Difference?

How will using Deeper In for Children curriculum help the children in your ministry learn, remember, understand, and live God's Word? It does this in four specific ways . . . 

Thursday, March 9, 2023

Why Another Curriculum? Why Deeper In for Children?

Yes, I agree there are a number of excellent curriculum resources currently available for churches to use in their Children's Ministries, so why am I releasing Deeper In for Children? There are several reasons, but the biggest one is because Deeper In for Children does several unique things -

Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Chasing WHALES by Michael Chanley - Put at the top of your "must read" list.

Are you looking for a book to read which will encourage and challenge you? If so, Chasing WHALES by Michael Chanley is one to put at the top of your "must read" list.

Some of you who have been serving in Children's Ministry for awhile may recognize Michael Chanley and the ministry CM Connect. If so you know Michael is someone who has an absolute heart for Children's Ministry. He is the founder of CM Connect and has traveled around the world to help people serve the children and families in their ministries as effectively as possible. I have had the honor of meeting Michael in person and he is someone with a true servant's heart who clearly loves God with his all. (I spoke at one of his Children's Ministry conferences a few years ago. When I arrived it was pouring rain - by the bucketful's. Michael met me at our car with an umbrella so I would not be soaked - he got soaked by the rain instead. He did not have to do this. Just one example of many of how this author lives what he writes.)

Happily, whether you are familiar with Michael and his ministry or not, you are able to read his new book - Chasing WHALES: a spiritual dive with Jonah -

VBS 2023 - Pets Unleashed from Group Publishing

I'm delighted for the opportunity to once again share Group's weekend VBS with you . . . Pets Unleashed. The idea with this resource is to provide two  affordable two and a half hour sessions, plus a one hour celebration which churches could use over one weekend . . . or over three weekends . . . or they might be able to spread it out for one Saturday a month for a Summer of fun! And, if you do not mind repeating games and focusing more on the same Bible Adventure, you could stretch it for a week of VBS.