Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Equip the Parents & Grandparents So They Tell This Important Message

There are many important messages for you to equip the parents and grandparents in your church so they are able to hand them down to the children they love, but one of them definitely is the truth of how God is good, His love lasts forever and He is always faithful; He was faithful yesterday, He is faithful today and He will absolutely be faithful tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Why Grandparents Matter - Engage Them in Your Children's Ministry!

I sincerely believe grandparents need to focus on passing on a heritage of faith to their grandchildren. I believe with all my heart it matters for us to be intentional when it comes to handing down our faith to the grandchildren given to us by God. There are reasons I believe this - some of them are . . . 

Monday, October 23, 2017

Be a Seed Planter!

Something incredibly fabulous happened in my family on June 11, 2012. . . I received a phone call I’ll never forget which let me know about this amazing thing which happened. My three year old grandson, Josiah got on the phone and said, “I’m part of God’s family now, grandma!” I can assure you it was the best news I could ever receive! The angels in Heaven were certainly celebrating, but I can guarantee you they could not have possibly celebrated more than this grandma! :^)

Well, all this got me to thinking . . . what could possibly be a more wonderful thing than for a parent to lead their child to Jesus? I can’t think of anything more wonderful! My daughter-in-law was talking with Josiah and he said he wanted to be part of God’s family, so she had the great privilege and joy of leading her sweet son to Jesus!