Friday, June 28, 2019

the single parent: confident and successful

Linda Ranson Jacobs has just a new book published by Bethany House. Now, you likely know Linda is the creator of DC4K - some of you may have this wonderful ministry in your church to serve the children in your community who are touched by the divorce of their parents. Some of you may have been blessed to be able to hear Linda speak at a Children's Ministry Conference. When you hear Linda's name and the news of her book, you may rightly think this is a book you will absolutely want to read and be sure to keep a stack on hand to give to families in your church who experience divorce.

But, please, please, while this book is absolutely one for you to keep on hand for the parents/grandparents in your ministry who experience divorce, do not limit yourself to this view of the single parent: confident and successful. This is a book you will absolutely want to make available to every parent and grandparent in your ministry as it is filled with wisdom, truth from Scripture and practical how-to of raising confident and successful children in confident and successful families and this is something we want for all families in our ministries.

It is my delight today to let you know about this wonderful resource and source of encouragement. I do have to say, have tissues handy - and encourage the people you give it to to do so as well - as this book is going to touch your hearts in deep and powerful ways. As I read this book I learned much about how I will be better able to confidently and successfully hand faith to my grandchildren - and grown children as well - even though I and they are not single grandparents/parents. I am very happy to recommend, the single parent: confident and successful, to all parents and grandparents.

Friday, June 21, 2019

Some Things to Think - and Most Importantly Pray About for Sure

Over the years I have been writing this blog - and the website before it - I have had much to say about the things we could and should do when it comes to Children's Ministry. Today I want to write about somethings we need to be careful we do Not do.

In the Gospels it is easy to see how children wanted to be around Jesus  -  and He wanted them to be around Him. We know children do not tend to want to be around people who are boring, so while there are no Bible verses which say; "And Jesus was not boring.", it is safe for us to believe He was not boring.

Saturday, June 8, 2019

Tomorrow is Children's Day - Celebrate!

Tomorrow, Sunday, June 9, 2019, is Children's Day. Before I share a few ideas for celebrating, let's look at a bit of history on Children's Day. Children's Day began in the church and we in the church need to take it back as a time to encourage parents and grandparents to hand down the faith and to communicate to children how very much God loves them.

"Children’s Day  observations in the United States predate both Mother’s and Father’s Day. The day to celebrate children dates from the 1860s and earlier. The Methodist Episcopal Church at the Methodist Conference of 1868 recommended the second Sunday in June be observed annually as Children’s Day. The General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in 1883 designated the 'the second Sabbath in June as Children’s Day'

Chase’s Calendar of Events cites Children’s Sunday and notes The Commonwealth of Massachusetts issues an annual proclamation for the second Sunday in June.
    Numerous churches and denominations currently observe the second Sunday in June including the African Methodist Episcopal Church, African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church, Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, and the Church of the Nazarene."

The website - says; "American families and the entire country need this day to love, evaluate, and commit to the betterment of our children." If you are already planning to enjoy the day celebrating the children you love - go for it! If you have not planned to do anything to celebrate Children's Day, consider the following ideas . . . 

Monday, June 3, 2019

Get Your Own Free Kindle Copy of Science, the Bible & Fun!

My grandsons are enjoying the start of their Summer Vacation - I have three happy boys who will be at my house tomorrow. Throughout the Summer, my grandsons will be at my house for at least two days during the week while their parents are at work - and for either their Friday or Saturday night sleepover as well. I am a very blessed grandma.

While I want their Summer break to be a time where they are able to relax, play outside (I live in the country and my house is on a acre, so I have lots of room for them to run and play), there are days when it rains (I live in Michigan and it can be rainy here) and times when they may need help thinking of something to do with their time. It is in times such as these when my book, Science, the Bible & Fun, comes in handy.