Friday, November 22, 2019

Help the Families Know They Need to Teach the "Whys"

As grandmas (and grandpas/ parents) who are serious about handing down the faith, we know we need to help the children we love learn to read God's Word, pray, go to church and live God's Word. There are many ways for us to do these things, but handing down the faith is absolutely our job - our God-given job.

Handing down the faith involves all these things, but it also includes something we may not think about - we need to be focused upon telling the "whys" . . . why we are able to believe God is real and trust His Word with confidence. We must teach our grandchildren/children from their youngest ages the truth about how there are solid reasons for us to believe in God and believe the Bible, because if we do not, a teacher, friend or someone will teach them not to do so at some point in their lives. If we do not give them solid reasons to believe, it is very possible at some point in their lives they will fall away, so make focusing upon and teaching the "whys" a priority. It matters.

Today I am so happy to share with you another "why" . . . because creation shows God's great design and creativity. The other day I saw on the news about how the Koala Bears are declining in the wild. I looked up information about the Koala online and learned some wonderful facts about them . . . 

Monday, November 11, 2019

Praying Deeper Through the Psalms for Children is Available and WILL Make a Difference

I am so happy to be able to let you know the new book, Praying Deeper Through the Psalms for Children, is now available! My three grandsons collaborated with me and illustrated this book so, as my middle grandson says: "children will use it and learn how to talk with God.

As Christian grandmas (and grandpas/parents, too) we want to hand down the faith. We want the ones we love to learn to read God's word, learn to pray, learn how to develop their own walk with God, but often we wonder how to do this. We look for resources to help us and happily, now there are many available for us (just scroll down and look at the right side of this blog to see the resources written/developed by some of the Grandmas with Heart), but this book, Praying Deeper Through the Psalms for Children is unique in how it is written/designed as a tool for you to use with the children you love.