Thursday, February 2, 2023

Make a Difference in the Lives of the Families in Your Church with The Best Gift, Real Love, Prayer Bible Maze Journe

Last week I asked how has Covid impacted your church and Children's Ministry? I also quoted from an article in  Christianity Today  which said; "Before COVID-19 shut things down in March 2020, the independent evangelical church averaged about 220 people a week. Almost two years after the church briefly suspended in-person services because of COVID-19, he says they are averaging about 150 people a week.

How is your church doing? Most churches continue to experience a decline in attendance - what about your church? Do you have fewer people attending your church? Do you have fewer people willing to serve as volunteers? These things certainly impact your ministry - and how effective you are able to be when it comes to helping children and families develop confident faith.

I asked what are you able to do in this new "age" where you have to deal with "fewer", and shared with you about Bible Maze Journey  events - an opportunity for you to engage families in reaching out to other families who attend your church, used to attend your church, or who never attended your church.

Today I want to let you know about the second Bible Maze Journey event book which is filled with fun ways for you to engage entire families (or Youth Groups) in presenting dramas, activities, and an opportunity to build memories as families learn together how they are able to know God more. It is like the first Bible Maze Journey book - New Year New You, He is Alive!, Trusting God Bible Maze Journey - and also includes three complete events for you to use in your church and ministry. 

The Best Gift, Real Love, Prayer Bible Maze Journey also has three Bible Maze Journey events - the first one (The Best Gift) is a fun way to focus on how Jesus is the Best Gift and is a great way for families to celebrate Christmas. As they learn what Christmas is really all about, families will see they are able to receive the Best Gift as they work through mazes, watch dramas, make fun crafts, try a science project - and enjoy snacks as well. Certainly this is a fun event to hold at Christmas time or any time when you want to focus on God's Best Gift.

The second event (Real Love) walks families through the story Jesus told of the shepherd who searched for his lost sheep. Families will learn and experience what Real Love is all about as they again work through mazes, watch dramas, make fun crafts, try a science project - and enjoy snacks as well. Of course this is an excellent event to hold at the beginning of the year for Valentine's Day, but could also be a fun way to focus on God's Love for us at any time of the year. 

The final event, (Prayer) helps families learn about the incredible opportunity we have to talk with God. As families once again work through mazes, watch dramas, make fun crafts, spend time learning to pray Scripture back to God - and enjoy snacks as well, they will Jeremiah and experience how to talk with God. This event is one which will work any time of year, but is especially applicable to hold in May for the National Day of Prayer.

While you are certainly able to involve your teens in presenting your Bible Maze Journey events, you are also able to recruit families to help with decorating, dramas, and leading craft stations to make your events a truly unique and wonderful way to involve entire families in your ministry to church families, families who used to be part of your church, and families from your community.

Get your copy of The Best Gift, Real Love, Prayer Bible Maze Journey today at this link. and start planning your first Bible Maze Journey!

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