Thursday, March 2, 2023

Escape: The Traps of Christianity - Excellent Book - I Highly Recommend It

Today I am very happy to share with you about another book from Michael Chanley -  Escape: The Traps of Christianity

"Discover an escape from the traps of the Christian faith.
  • Uncover the story of rebellion, apathy, denial, and anger as we unpack their Biblical history
  • Learn ways to avoid falling into common pitfalls and mistakes for people of faith
  • Practice spiritual development as we learn about transformation, passion, faith, and love

About Escape - The Traps of Christianity

Do you ever feel like we took a wrong turn somewhere?

The Church is supposed to model God's absolute love, forgiveness, mercy, and grace. How did it become such a mess?

The current mess of socio-political landmines and historical debates only reveal part of the story. They help us understand how we got here, in this present quagmire. However, we are often left wondering: maybe we need to run for the door? Maybe we need to escape the traps of our faith completely.

We need to get back to the source.
We need to rediscover God and His message.
We need escape.

Our world is constantly abusing the message of Christ. We are urged to "do more" and "be more." By contrast, Christ beckons us to simply pause, and "be still."

You have an option. You can reject the things of this world.

Join us in escaping the chaos, clutter, and claymores of our modern toxic culture. In 
Escape - The Traps of Christianity, you are invited to explore the Old and New Testament to uncover the origin of faith traps found in modern Christianity. You will learn to:

  • identify the traps of rebellion, apathy, denial, and anger
  • learn to lean into God's Word for truth and an escape plan
  • practice spiritual formation as a means to reconnect with God

In the end, we find an opportunity to reconnect to the life-giving spirit of love, mercy, peace, and forgiveness."

Escape: The Traps of Christianity was more than I hoped it would be. Knowing Michael Chanley wrote it, I expected to find the book would be sound, encouraging, and challenging - and it is all these things. But, it also touched me as he shared from his own experiences and I am so happy to be able to read it and feel like I am being blessed to have an actual conversation with Michael - which led me to have some important conversations with God. So, thank you Michael. Excellent book - I highly recommend it.

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