Thursday, March 30, 2023

Deeper In for Children is a Great Fit for Your Church Because . . .

Why is Deeper In for Children an excellent choice for your Children's Ministry? There are several reasons why, but one is certainly because of its focus on helping children truly understand the message of God's Word. Most curriculum resources tend to take children on a survey through the Bible with a focus upon Bible people, what they said, and what they did. Deeper In for Children takes a different approach. While children will have the opportunity to "meet" Bible people, the focus is on a topic for an entire year and guides children in learning what the entire Bible has to say about the topic for the year.

For example, the first year of curriculum focuses upon Grace with a closer look the first quarter at why we need Grace, the second quarter the closer look is how Grace challenges us, the third quarter has a focus on how Grace changes our lives and each quarter children spend half the quarter looking at what the Old Testament has to teach us about Grace and the other half at what the New Testament says about it. The Summer quarter reviews the year on Grace the first month (and parents are invited to join in with their children) and then always focuses upon Who Jesus is, what He said about Grace, and how we are able to know Him. By the end of the year children will have a solid understanding of what Grace is all about!

And, they will be intentionally involved in learning to talk with God by taking time each week to pray Scripture back to God. As children do this, they will learn how they are actually really able to pray! This is something which will make a difference for their entire lives.

And, if these reasons are not enough, children are challenged each week to put what they learned into practice - Deeper In for Children is about far more than head knowledge.

Deeper In for Children is a very intentional curriculum and when you use it in your ministry, the children will learn, remember, understand, and know how to live God's Word! You will find a sample Elementary lesson at this link and a Preschool sample lesson at this link - you are able to order and download your Deeper In for Children digital curriculum at this link.

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