Friday, January 5, 2024

Are You Certain Your Children's Ministry Communicates the Message You Think It Does?

When you are a Children's Ministry director or pastor, you practically "live and breathe" Children's Ministry. It is your focus, your passion. It is what you think about. While you may have designed a Children's Ministry which is very effective, because you are so "close" to your ministry, there could be things you "miss", or just do not "see". Consider the following ideas for how you could be certain your Children's Ministry communicates the message you think it does -

  • Team up with a Children's Ministry director or pastor from a different church and commit to be honest with one another; then visit the other's ministry as a "first-time visitor". Give honest feed-back of your impressions - both positive and negative.
  • Ask the parents of your nieces/nephews or friends with children who attend a different church to visit your Children's Ministry. Ask them to give you their honest impressions - what they like and what they do not like.
  • Ask some grandparents in your church to visit your Children's Ministry. Ask them for their honest impressions - being older, they may have some valuable insights to offer!
These are just a few ideas - try these, or something else, but get feedback from people who do not "live and breathe" your Children's Ministry. They may see things you do not. Keep in mind, they may give you feedback which does not "fit" with your Children's Ministry vision/purpose, so filter the feedback through the "filter" of your vision/purpose, but get feedback and then pause to see if there is something in what you hear which can help you better communicate the message you want to communicate!

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