Tuesday, January 2, 2024

14 Ways to "Blow" Your Children's Ministry - Believe Your Own "PR"

It is far too easy to get in a situation in Children's Ministry where we believe our own "PR" and think it is up to us to "save" it, because we know what to do and the best way to do it. If we stop listening to others and ignore or belittle things and ideas which are important to others we are "blowing" our Children's Ministry.

This one is really pretty self-explanatory, but I'll give a few examples . . .
  • Do you tend to dismiss ideas others offer?
  • Do your volunteers tend to not offer ideas . . . maybe they think you will dismiss them?
  • Do you rarely use ideas offered by others?
  • Do you ever find yourself thinking (or even actually saying) how you "saved" the Children's Ministry, or it couldn't function without you?
These are just a few ways we act as if we believe our own "PR" and when we do these things - or any things like them, we are "blowing" our Children's Ministry. When we believe our own "PR" we are giving in to pride and pride is not from God. It will destroy your ministry and cause damage to others.

So, what to do for a "do-over"? Confess the sin of pride - to God and to any people who you have hurt. Find someone who will hold you accountable and who will call you on it whenever you start believing your own, "PR". Choose to be like John the Baptist when he said, "He must increase, but I must decrease."

The Bonus for doing this? You will have a ministry where the focus is on Jesus . . . not on you or any other person!

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