Sunday, April 2, 2023

The Art of Parenting - Nurturing Happy, Confident, & Resilient Children - Releases Tomorrow - April 3, 2023

I was recently invited to review a new book "by" Michael Chanley - today I am happy to let you know about, The Art of Parenting - Nurturing Happy, Confident, & Resilient Children. In this book Michael and "Dr. Parentaeu" "collaborate" to put out a resource which will equip parents (and grandparents) with the information - and therefore the tools - they need to raise children who are happy, confident, and resilient.

Michael, who is a real person, begins this book by letting the reader know Dr. Parentaeu is not a real person. "She" is a computer-generated "person" - she is the fabricated identity of the artificial identity program Michael used for this project. Michael edited the material the computer generated for this book on parenting.

Michael and "Dr. Parentaeu" worked on this project to provide a resource with sound information which will equip parents and grandparents as they work to nurture children who are happy, confident, and resilient. It is, as Michael writes, a "comprehensive guide" which "offers practical and evidence-based strategies for parents (and grandparents) to support their physical, emotional, social, and cognitive development."

As you work through this book, you will learn about -

  • The power of connection
  • The importance of creating a loving and supportive relationship with your child (grandchild)
  • Tips to do this with each age of child
  • Ways to practice the power of connection in your home
  • Strategies for creating a calm/nurturing home environment
  • How to foster autonomy and self-reliance while keeping a strong connection
  • Why it matters for you to help your child/grandchild learn independence and addresses risk-taking
  • How to help your child/grandchild develop strong emotional awareness and regulation
  • How to create a positive learning environment at home
  • Looks at effective discipline strategies - positive reinforcement and setting clear boundaries
  • How to balance tech with real life
  • Tips to foster resilience through positive parenting practices
  • How to help children build positive relationships with others
  • Thoughts on how to encourage healthy habits
  • How to help children cope with stress, anxiety, and loss - and offer emotional support and guidance
  • How to find your own path as a parent (grandparent)
Even though there is some repetition in this book, the information is useful, helpful, excellent for any parent or grandparent.

Michael ends the book by mentioning how the AI co-writer (Dr. Parentaeu) did not write about laying a foundation of faith. I would have liked to see him expand this portion of the book more than he did - and add how essential it is to teach children the "whys" for our faith - why we are able to believe. If we are going to raise truly happy, confident, and resilient children (grandchildren) we need to help them build their lives on the foundation of faith in Jesus - so they know what they believe, what the difference is it makes in their lives to know/believe these things, and why they are able to believe. Otherwise, a difficult "bump" in their lives leave them struggling or adrift. Maybe Michael's next book will build on these topics - I would love to see him do this.

I do recommend The Art of Parenting - Nurturing Happy, Confident, & Resilient Children - it is available Monday, April 3, 2023. You will find out more about it at this link.

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