Thursday, October 12, 2023

It is National Sunday School Teacher Appreciation Day!

This Sunday, October 15th, is National Sunday School Teacher Appreciation Day! If you did not know this - I didn't - it does not mean you do not have time yet to do something wonderful for your volunteers. Consider the following . . .

  • Put paper on the doors to your classrooms, provide crayons or markers and ask each child/parent/ grandparent to draw or write a note of thanks to their teachers when they drop off/pick up their child. Send the personal thanks home with each teacher - email families to let them know you are doing this so they are ready.
  • Get apples and give one to each volunteer - personally hand them out and say thank you.
  • Ask your pastor to thank volunteers from the pulpit.
  • Take a photo of each teacher with the children in their class or small group - again, email parents/grandparents and secure permission to take their child's photo before you do. Print photos and give to each volunteer.
These are just a few simple ideas for ways you are able to say "thank you" to your volunteers. If you are interested in more ways to appreciate your volunteers all year long, get my book - No Cookie Cutter Children's Ministries - as it is filled with ideas for ways to make sure your volunteers know they are appreciated - print copy at this link and kindle ebook at this link.

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