Monday, October 16, 2023

Please Take These Things to Heart

I know I write about this fairly often, but it is important. It is far, far too easy for us to think we have an effective Children's Ministry when we really do not. This happens when we only look at the "church kids". They are there pretty much every week, may seem engaged - for the most part, and may even like what you are doing, so you think you are getting things "right". But, and this is a big "but", if you are not looking at the children who are only there IF they choose to be there, then you are not getting a accurate picture of your Children's Ministry. If the children who come IF they want to come are not returning, then you are missing something important and there is something which needs to change in your ministry. Period.

"Church kids" are there because their parents say they will be there. They do not have a choice. Most of them will make the best of it and even may enjoy it, but gauging the success of what you are doing on them will not give you an accurate picture of how things are really going. The children who are there IF they choose to be will give you a far more accurate view of where your ministry actually is. If they continue to come, then you are likely getting things right. If they rarely come, or stop coming at all, then you clearly need to make some changes.

Check with the people who bring them - most often their grandparents and ask what you might do to engage the children they love who come only IF they want to do so. You do not need to make your Children's Ministry a "three-ring-circus" but, you do need to make certain you engage the children in ways which leave them connecting with others, asking questions, and enjoying their time at your church. If they are bored, they will think God, church, the Bible, and Jesus are boring and they will stop coming. Don't be boring!

And, what do you do when they do not return? Do you follow up? Do you reach out? Do you mail a card to let them know they are missed and you would love to have them return? If you are not doing this, then make it the first thing you do on Monday morning and Thursday morning. Check your lists and any child who missed Sunday and/or Wednesday services must get a note at the very least.

As I said, I know I have written about these things before, but they are VERY important. Please take these things to heart - they make a difference in the lives of children who really need to be part of your Children's Ministry.

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