Friday, December 29, 2023

Make the Most of Being a Grandparent with The DNA of Grandparents & Parents Who Hand Down Confident Faith


If you are looking for a book to help a parent or grandparent you love make the most of handing down confident faith, consider this book - The DNA of Grandparents & Parents Who Hand Down Confident Faith.

In this book I look at how our physical DNA is a truly amazing and essential part of who we are, as it holds the "code" or instructions for the things which make us unique as well as for the things we share. It connects us with the generations who came before us; as well as with those who come behind. It is the core of who we are physically. 

Yes, our physical DNA tells our cells and bodies how to Develop, Live and Reproduce, but let's think for a moment about another type of "DNA". A Spiritual DNA. More specifically, our "Faith and Prayer DNA". What are a, "Faith and Prayer DNA" you ask? Well, just as our physical DNA provides the code for how our bodies develop, live and reproduce, our "Faith and Prayer DNA" gives us the code or instructions which help us learn to develop a strong walk of faith, live as people who believe and reproduce by handing down to our children and our children's children a strong and confident walk of faith. 

The DNA of Grandparents & Parents Who Hand Down Confident Faith will introduce you to people from the Bible - including Hannah, David, Jeremiah, Elisha, Jesus, Job, Joseph, the Kings of Judah, the Prodigal Son's Father and our own Heavenly Father, people from time - such as George Muller, Billy Graham, Fanny & Eunice Crosby, Elisabeth Elliot, Joni, Corrie Ten Boom, Martin & Katherine Luther, Charles Spurgeon and Dwigh L. Moody and people from today - including my friends Teresa Holmgren who shared how God answered her prayers for a child and then for a grandchild, Brad Burkhead who shared what it is like when your grown children and grandchildren move to Africa to be missionaries, my friend Ragaee Daniel shared how God saved him from an Egyptian prison, and my friend Janae Dean who shared the powerful account of how God gave life back to her son when he was dead; all these accounts show us what it looked like for them to develop this strong and healthy "Faith and Prayer DNA". It also looks at how you are able to hand down confident faith to the children you love in a way which will positively impact the generations who come behind you.

Look what people are saying - 
  • Tim Kimmel "I'm excited about your book and the help you're wanting to give parents and g-parents. I hope your book gets into the hands of tons of people.
  • Dr. Scott Turansky - "I love the idea of passing on spirituality like DNA. It means we must have it first and then transmit it to future generations. This book will stimulate the thinking of many parents and grandparents!
  • Janae Dean - "This book is fantastic! I really enjoyed reading it. Your words really inspired me to continue sharing my faith in God with my children and grandchildren." 
  • Dr. Mary Manz Simon - "No one is able to tell your Faith Story better than you. You bring authenticity and passion, because you've lived it. Your story has significance. Because whether you're a mom on the front edge of parenting or a grandma with gray hair, God is still writing your story." 
Get it for yourself or someone you love - you will find it at this link -

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