Friday, June 2, 2023

Anchored - Teaming Up Church & Parents/Grandparents to Teach the "Whys"


You may or may not know about the Barna studies which show how so many of our children and grandchildren are turning away from their faith and to atheism. This is not something we have to just sit back and accept. We are able to do something about it. We are able to hand down confident faith and doing this involves teaching the children we love both the "whats" - what the Bible says and therefore what we believe - and teaching them the "whys" - why we are able to believe what we believe.

Most churches and many families do at least a decent job of teaching the "whats", but few, if any, teach the "whys". Josh McDowell says, "Belief is knowing what we believe. Conviction is knowing why we believe it." He is right. If we want the ones we love to have conviction in regards to their faith, we must teach them the "whys" - and there are many, solid reasons why!

This is why I developed a curriculum supplement which will equip churches and families to work together to teach the children they love the "whys". This curriculum is called "Anchored" and is one churches will use with the curriculum they are already using. They will take just a few minutes in large group time each Sunday to introduce another of the "whys", and then spend another few minutes in small group time to teach more about the weekly "why". 

Then during the week families are able to spend time in their homes learning the "whys" while they talk and engage in meaningful activities. Anchored will help churches/parents/ grandparents team up to teach the "whys" so the children they love know what they believe and why they are able to believe it!

Check out sample lessons at this link and order it at this link. Plan now to use Anchored to teach the "whys" alongside whatever curriculum you currently use to teach the "whats" - and equip the parents and grandparents to use it in their homes with the children they love. When you do this, you will have children who are able to hold on to their faith throughout their lives and who have a confident faith.

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