Friday, June 16, 2023

Why Should I Invest in Generations Quest for My Family? Answer #3

Our lives, and the lives of our family members, tend to be busy. We have so much to do each day, which means, far too often we do not make time for what really matters; because we are busy. Generations Quest was created to help busy people make time for what really matters - reading God's Word together as a family!

With Generations Quest you, and your children and grandchildren, read just a verse or a few verses a day. You all read the same verses whether you live near or far, then a couple times a month - or whatever works well for your family - you will connect . . . in person, over the phone, through facetime, on-line - or whatever works best for you.

No longer will being, "too busy" be an excuse to not take the time to pass on a heritage of faith to the children you love by helping them learn to read, understand and live God's Word! Please check Generations Quest out at - and invest today . . . start reading God's Word together with your family!

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