Friday, June 2, 2023

Give a Gift Which Makes a Difference on Children's Day & for Birthdays - the little answer book for children - and it is on Sale!

Please share with the parents and grandparents in your ministry - 

If you are looking for Children's Day and/or birthday gifts which make a difference, then today I am happy to let you know about a book which you could add to your gift list for the children you love - the little answer book for children.

I am not a scientist. I am not a theologian. I am not a philosopher. I am not an apologist. I am a mom and I am a grandma. I have listened as friends have shared how their loved grown child and/or grandchild turned away from their faith. I know this is a pain more and more parents and grandparents are experiencing (as shown by the Barna studies). We must not sit back and continue to watch as the ones we love turn away from their faith.

We must be proactive and teach the ones we love not only what we believe, but why we are able to believe it. We must have the answers so when those we love, who have turned from the faith, ask questions, we are able to answer them. We must do things differently than we have been doing them or we will continue to watch the ones we love turn from their faith.

Get the little answer book for children and read it, give it as a gift - it is a "little" book, so it will not take long to read, and work through it with the children you love. Keep it on hand and refer to it when teaching the ones you love why they are able to believe God is real, science and God DO go together, God is good, and the Bible is true. Make it available for the ones you love who have turned from their faith - especially if they have questions. It is a gift which is truly able to make a difference.

The truth matters and we need to know the truth. This does not mean we have to be theologians, scientists, philosophers, or apologists, but we do need to find answers. We do need to know the "whys", so we are able to teach them as part of a firm foundation we set for the ones we love, and so we are able to answer their questions if they have already turned from their faith. This is the purpose for the little answer book for children - to help you equip the children you love so they discover the "whys" for their faith. 

As the children you love participate in activities, science projects, think about important questions, and journal their answers, they will learn the "whys" for their faith, and find they are able to have a confident faith! Is there anything more important for them to learn?

And, if you have grandchildren who are starting to doubt if God is real and the Bible is true, who question if God is good and if science disproves the Bible, this little book will help them understand the truth and provide the opportunity for you to have important conversations with them.

We do not have to sit by and watch the ones we love leave the faith. We are able to equip them to have confident faith because they know the "whys" and we are able to have important conversations with those who have turned away. We just need the resources to help us do these things and these two books are exactly this - the resources you need - and they make great gifts!

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