Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Anchored Provides the "Tools" to Teach the "Whys"

With growing numbers of people in our country turning away from faith in God and belief in His Word, we must be ever more careful to not only teach what we believe, but to also teach the children we love why they are able to believe. We would never consider offering a Children's Ministry which did not teach the "whats" - what the Bible says and therefore what we believe - and yet few Children's Ministries teach the "whys" - why we are able to believe God is real, the Bible is true, God and science DO go together, and God is good. 

People are not turning away from their faith in God and belief in the Bible because they do not know what the Bible says (at least to some point) - they are turning away because they do not know why they are able to believe and then falsely assume there is no reason to believe. The truth is there are many reasons we are able to believe - we need to teach children these reasons so they are able to have a confident faith.

Teaching the "whys" does not mean you have to stop using the curriculum you are currently using to teach the "whats" - you just need to supplement what you are doing with a resource which will equip you to teach the "whys". Anchored is a curriculum which will do exactly this! Anchored will not replace your traditional curriculum, just supplement it and make your ministry stronger and more effective.

Anchored is easy to use, engaging, and memorable. It will help you and parents/grandparents hand down confident faith. We are able to help the children in our ministries and families grow up so they are able to "hold firmly to the trustworthy Word as they have been taught" - but for this to happen, we must teach it. When we do, they will know the doctrine they have been taught is sound and will be able to stand firmly with a confident faith!

Check out Anchored. It provides the tools you need to teach the "whys"! You will find samples at this link and are able to order it in the bookstore at this link.

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