Wednesday, July 19, 2023

For Your Most Important Choice - Deeper In for Children - Make it Your Choice for Fall 2023


When you lead a Children's Ministry there are many important choices you have to make to be certain your ministry is truly effective and is a place where all children want to be - particularly those who are there only IF they want to be there. While there are many things you have to do to develop and keep this type of ministry, one big decision is about what curriculum resources you will use because if you choose the right curriculum, you will have the tools you need to engage children - this is essential if you want your ministry to be a place where all children want to be - particularly those who are there only IF they want to be there.

But, you don't want to only be about "fun and games". The curriculum you choose must provide the tools you need to help children learn the "whats" - what the Bible says and what the difference is in their lives for them to know, believe, and live it - and the "whys" - why they are able to know God is real, the Bible is true, God and science DO go together, and God is good.

More and more children, teens, and young adults are choosing to turn away from the faith they once had - and many are choosing to be atheists. This does not have to happen, but we must teach the "whats" and the "whys" if we do not want to see children from our ministries continue to turn away from their faith.

So, when it comes to the choice of curriculum, take a look at Deeper In for Children as it will provide you the tools you need to engage children, teach the "whats", and teach the "whys". You will find Deeper In for Children at this link, the scope and sequence for the Grace year at this link, pricing info at this link (it is just $50 a quarter - this includes preschool and elementary curriculum and if you order a full year, it is just $150.00 for the full year - for preschool AND elementary!) a sample Elementary lesson at this link, and a Preschool sample lesson at this link - you are able to order and download your Deeper In for Children digital curriculum at this link.

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