Friday, July 21, 2023

God's Leading . . . Are You Sure?

I often hear people in Children's Ministry talk about how God is leading them in their ministry. Often it is shared with the goal of taking their ministry in a different direction. There certainly may be times when God is leading us to go in a different and new  direction, but we need to be careful to distinguish between God's clear leading and our own wants. There is a lot of "power" with being able to say, "God is leading me to . . . " because how does someone "argue" "against" God and His "leading"? Consider the following thoughts -

  • Be honest. If you really do not like something, be up front about it. Don't try to hide your personal dislike for something, by saying God is leading you to do something else. 
  • Before ending a ministry opportunity - especially if it is one you personally aren't real fond of - spend time sincerely looking for the "good" in that ministry. Find legitimate reasons to keep the ministry.
  • Make a "legitimate" list of reasons to stop a ministry - not just because it isn't your favorite part of the ministry year.
  • Enlist others to get their insight as to the benefits and drawbacks of a particular ministry before making any big decisions.
  • Pray. Pray. Pray.
If after careful, and truly honest, evaluation you decide to end a ministry be sure to share your honest reasons for making the change with others. However; if you were not able to find honest reasons to end the ministry . . . then do not end it. Pray and ask God to give you a heart for the ministry and then give your all to make it a success!

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