Monday, July 24, 2023

Make Changes in Your Children's Ministry Which Will Help Children Grow in Their Faith with Deeper In for Children


This Summer as you evaluate your Children's Ministry, please pay close attention to whether you are doing things the same way as you always have and whether or not your results are showing children are leaving your ministry with a strong, confident faith.

Touch bases with your Youth Ministry to see if children are remaining in the ministry, or are dropping out. Check with your Young Adults/ College Age ministry - are they still there? Ask the parents and grandparents what is happening as the ones they love grow older - are they showing a strong commitment to their faith?

Far, far too many of the children in our ministries are leaving their faith and turning to atheism. This is a fact. If we want to make a difference, we must do things differently. One thing we are able to do differently is change the curriculum we use to one which will engage children in truly learning more than just who Bible people were. We want them to see how God is able to work in their lives the same was as He worked in the lives of the people in the Bible. We want them to have a confident faith, so we have to teach them the "whys" - why they are able to believe. If your curriculum does not do these things, then take a good look at Deeper In for Children as it is written to do these things.

With  Deeper In for Children your church will spend a year focusing on the very important truths of what God's Word - from cover to cover - has to say about Grace. Each quarter has an intentional focus - the first quarter the focus is on our need for Grace. Second Quarter we learn about our challenge to choose Grace. Third quarter we look at how Grace changes us. The fourth quarter we focus on what Jesus wants us to know about Grace by first of all reviewing what we learned about Grace the first month (parents/grandparents are invited to join their children) and then how Jesus shows HIs great love and Grace!

Deeper In for Children is focused upon helping children think through and answer the question, "How does knowing this make a difference in your life?"

Each week as children work through the Deeper In for Children  curriculum, they will dig into Bibles, research passages, talk about what they learn, and make posters/props to help them teach the other children about their portion of the lesson for the day. Then they will do exactly this - help teach/share what they learned in Large Group! Studies show we remember 95% of what we teach others and only 20% of what we hear, so why not engage children in ways which equip them to teach! Deeper In for Children does exactly this!

After Large Group children return to their Small Groups to talk about the entire Bible event for the day, think through how it makes a difference in their lives, and choose a specific way they will live it in the coming week. Deeper In for Children will help children develop more than "head knowledge"!

AND, every church which purchases Deeper In for Children will also receive Anchored supplemental curriculum for free! Anchored  provides resources for churches to use to teach children the "whys" - why they are able to believe God is real, the Bible is true, God and science DO go together, and God is good. When your church uses Deeper In for Children to teach the "whats" and Anchored to teach the "whys" you will be equipping the children with a confident faith - and this is the purpose of Sunday School!

Deeper In for Children is a very intentional curriculum and when you use it in your ministry, the children will learn, remember, understand, and know how to live God's Word! You will find a sample Elementary lesson at this link and a Preschool sample lesson at this link - you are able to order and download your Deeper In for Children digital curriculum at this link.

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