Thursday, September 21, 2023

Lay the Foundation AND Teach the "Whys" - It Matters

More and more often we hear and read about leaders in the church around the world who are renouncing their faith. And not just leaders in the church around the world, but many of us have children, grandchildren, siblings who have turned from a walk with God. What is happening?

I read a post on Cogent Christianity which made me think. George Brahm said; "Most of us have attended churches where apologetics is never an issue of focus. And what Marty’s case reveals is that a lack of apologetics-training in the local church can often be what causes a young person to apostatize, either when they are still young or later in the future." He goes on to say we tend to tell children what to believe, but do not ever tell them "why" they not only "should" believe it, but "why" it is the truth. Take a few minutes to follow the link above and read this article.

We grandmas (and grandpas/parents) need to take this to heart. Yes, absolutely focus upon teaching the children we love what the Bible says; give them a firm foundation grounded in the truth of the Word of God. But do not stop there. Once you lay this foundation, help your grandchildren learn why they are able to believe this truth. Get your hands on some excellent apologetic resources - I recommend visiting where you will find a wealth of excellent tools to equip you in being able to hand down the "why" of our faith - many are free. I also recommend Lee Strobel's site - - he has written many "Case for" books which teach apologetics in a way which is easy to understand. Definitely check out his book; The Case for Christianity Answer Book - Answer Book Series

And, once again, please consider adding the Life on the Goldilocks Planet books to your "tool box" of resources you use to hand down confident faith and teach the "whys". These books were written especially for this purpose - to teach the "whys" so our grandchildren are able to have a confident faith. You may think they are just picture books about animals for children - they do have full color photos and lots of fun information about animals, but they are written to be resources which will equip you with solid 
information, science, and truth about the "whys" - why our grandchildren are able to believe in God and have a confident faith. These books are really for you. They are available in our bookstore and on Amazon at this link. Please get these books. Use them. Hand down a confident faith by teaching the "whys" and share this info with the parents and grandparents you know.

One additional resource which will help you hand down confident faith is the curriculum supplement - Anchored. Ask your church to use it - you will find out about it at this link.

There are solid reasons for the "why" we believe what we believe. Encourage the questions and help the ones you love discover the answers. The price we pay for not doing this is far, far too high. Hand down confident faith - lay the foundation and teach the "whys". It matters.

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